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We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes.

We have been the industry leader in welding equipment, supplies and training throughout Northern California since our inception in 1978. From the home hobbyist to the largest manufacturers; our clients depend on our knowledge.


We can meet all your compressed air demands by designing, selling, installing, and servicing all of your compressed air needs.

We offer portable and stationary compressors as well as provide reciprocating, fixed speed rotary and variable speed rotary screw air compressors.

We have a trained energy efficiency experts on staff to help design and implement compressed air projects. New or existing projects may qualify for several types of rebate programs. We have the ability to audit an existing compressor system, and from there we can create an energy saving plan. With this plan our customers may apply for several different types of rebate programs. We work with PG&E and ECOS air to supply you the best ROI available.

We also offer a 24 hour compressor hotline. This service is specifically designed for our customers who have facilities that operate beyond normal business hours. This makes us accessible to our customers day or night, cutting down on costly down time.


We specialize in metal cutting processes used throughout the metal working industry.

We are extremely knowledgeable in the use of different cutting processes be it oxy/fuel, conventional plasma, high definition plasma, or water jet. We cover a variety of products from hand held to CNC controlled cutting equipment. Our CNC staff is trained to help you select the proper application for your needs. The result of this training is an intimate understanding of many different cutting applications which allows us the flexibility to provide the most efficient cutting equipment available to the market.


Increase productivity with welding automation.

A welding automation system may be just what you need to boost the productivity of your business. From new welding automation purchase or optimizing your current system, our staff is trained to help you select the proper application for your needs.


MJB can assist you in painting steel, stainless, aluminum, or concrete. Industrial coating choices are varied and complicated, our staff will help you choose the right coating for your application.

Dealing with today’s environmental regulations, how and what you apply is a concern. Keeping those regulations in mind, we will provide you with the best environmentally compliant coatings available. We also provide a variety of low to no V. O. C. compliant coatings and reducers.

MJB offers water reducible enamels, high-end epoxies, urethanes, rust inhibitors, cold tar epoxies, thinners, aerosols, and equipment We have the ability to color match and custom tint at our Chico location. If you have an industrial application from equipment to floors we cover it all.

To meet OSHA requirements, we have partnered with 3M to provide certified respiratory training for our customers. We provide the correct respiratory equipment for our customers, and also provide a “Train the Trainer” program. This program trains our customers to train their employees in proper respiratory techniques, usages, and documentation to meet OSHA requirements.


We carry a wide assortment of safety products for all industries, as well as specialize in electric and pneumatic hand tools for the metal working industry.

We carry a large assortment of safety glasses, gloves, welding leathers, face shields, ear protection and respiratory protection geared toward industrial use. We have a large selection of products available at our three store locations, to make sure that safety and comfort come first.


MJB specializes in electric and pneumatic hand tools for the metal working industry.

We carry a variety of name brands for grinding, cutting, drilling, clamping, fixturing and sawing. Just to name a few brands Makita, Jet, Eagle, Lenox, Metabo, Bessey, Vise Grip and much more. We will help you select the proper hand tool for the job.


MJB has extensive experience in the metal working industry.

We have a full line of bandsaws, mills, lathes, shears, leaf and press breaks, ironworkers, tubing benders, and drill presses, to help support your metal working needs. We will help you choose from over 50 quality manufacturers. We have a full sales, training and service staff that will support you throughout the life of your equipment. Use our experience to bend it, break it, or punch it.


If You Weld it, Paint it, Fix it, or Air it up – We’ve Got What You Need!
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